Brazing accessories (fixtures and burner arrays)

As an integral part of brazing "package" (machine incl. its technological set-up)  PP-tech, s.r.o. delivers brazing accessories - brazing fixtures (jigs) and, in case of flae heating  burner arrays (batteries), too. 

The said accessories are alwyas designed in a way to enable an easy and fast model changeover (if required) thru quick fixation and quick-release gas distributor couplers.

Jigs/Fixtures designs  (reflecting process requirements for heat distribution around joint to be brazed) and make (heat withstanding stainless steel) grant long-term process stability and durability of heat-exposed elements.

Burner arrays (a system of specific burners shaped to fit) are designed/made to meet any process requirements as it comes to heat distribution, too. 


3-D image of  "standard" fixture (piece to be brazed in blue):



3-D image of "standard" burner array:


PP 09/2017