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Brazing machines supplied by PP-tech, s.r.o. always fully comply to (applicable EU and/or Czech) legislation  and tech. standards (designs, safety measures, ergonomics a execution). Moreover, the customised designs reflect process requirements as well as customers wishes  (arrangements, designs, applied components, colour scheme etc.)


Flame heating machines feature specificaly designed gases distribution branches (air + combustible gas, i.e. methane, propane, acetylene etc., even fluxed if required) to guarantee long-term accurateness and stability of controlled flow-rates (due application of precise components, such as throttle valves, proportional valves, floating ball flowmeters or digitally controlled mass flow controllers of recognised brands - EMKO, Honeywell, Burkert, Alicat, Bronkhorst and others).


Apart from "classic" ways of heating/brazing process control (timer and/or temperature via pyrometer), unique intelligent wire feeder and/or CCD camera units may be utilized.


Time control (timer): heat input (flame intensity modulation) follows pre-programmed scenario (along time axis), level of heating and step duration fixed for all of subsequent heating steps - i.e. no interactive/flexible machine reaction to a changing environment around the joint to be brazed)


Temperature control (pyrometer): a spot surface temperature (sensed remotedly, either directly at joint or its close proximity or indirectly - at any given spot of supporting fixture structure) governs process heat input  (i.e. interactive/flexible process control granted, but somehow compromised thru inaccurateness of temperature sensing .- especially Aluminium alloys feature such "unreliable" surface emissivity that - speaking industrial applications - only very special types of infrapyrometers cope with)


Intelligent wire feeder control: unique designs of wire feeder (the tip of the wire itself plays the role of the temperature sensor - thru melt-point determination, not temperature-reading!). Based on the fact the properties of utilised consumables (wire) are very precisely defined (thru guaranteed solidus/liquidus temps. range) the process control is flexible as well as accurate. For better understanding, there is an illustrative motion picture in download section.


CCD camera process control: within digitalised picture of joint to be brazed the time-related distortions/changes are looked (automatically) for, processed once detected and thus triggering process heat input modulation. For better understanding, there is an illustrative motion picture in download section.

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